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ambre gris balmain

BalMan. I am a newbie to the fragrantica world...and the perfume world! An elegant gray cloud of musky powder, this is a good one. There were the initial orders for it because they assumed (or wished) it would be some gross version of ambergris that would be unique but totally unwearable, then the word of mouth that this was a heavenly unisex amber scent, and now it's still whispered about in some groups among friends and perfume enthusiasts. Es nimmt daher nicht Wunder, dass ich mit dem Duft nicht viel anfangen konnte. In its favor, Ambre Gris tells you all about itself up front. I agree, please be careful when applying this, do not overspray! Just wanted to warn you if you're considering a blind buy for this one. Not sure if it is worth my shelf space as there would be many others I will wear before this. Comfortable winter scent :). She sprayed it everywhere. It's so overwhelming, and almost headache inducing. lol When I put my nose to my wrist I instantly think of gold and the wealth is symbolizes... that's Ambre Gris. Definitely ahead of Prada's signature amber. 1 of my favorites. Not a dull, ashy gray, but a shiny gray. I offered it to my husband to try one day, and low and behold, I don't even recognize it on him. So inexpensive, but smells very high end. I'm a manly guy that would totally rock this and do. went on amber/vanilla but masculine; dries down warm and spicy a bit sweet incense; light and soft then down to a musky incense; really like it. Just what I was looking for. Ambre Gris is the wallflower scent that lingers in the memory long after the loud center-of-attention perfume is found drunk under a table with her lipstick smeared across her cheek, and her attention-grabbing top notes have long dissipated. Is it "mature"? It lures you in with that sweet vanilla nectar, then strokes you with that cinnamon and pepper, like a lover. Balmain … I just smell. I adore this scent and the staying power is really decent. No where near as strong as SL Ambre Sultan or similar to SL Gris Clair of which I have both and love. I get the sensual ambery zing, and it is strong and long lasting on my skin, but too generic for a Balmain perfume, and not matching that wonderul bottle! This fragrance is just incredibly stunning. Semi-sweet, semi-spicy, salty and luxurious. Certainly, this is the first time there is a perfume he likes that I do not care for at all. What's there is nice but it's honestly so faint that I can't pick out the notes. It was like a huge cashmere shawl over me, so familiar and yet so sophisticated. Ten years ago i bought Sensations and it has been my signature scent for a very long time. But soon enough, the sweet resins and immortelle arrive, and the olfactory landscape of Ambre Gris heads to a more interesting direction. I guess it is the scent of the Great Library in the Tower of the Arcane in some fantasy novel. When it first hit my skin, Ambre Gris reminded me of Arab fumes, woods, oud, myrrh, without being sharp or cloying. It's definitely a sweater kind of scent! This is absolutely THE BEST cheap amber fragrance out there! I don't know what world ppl live in where golf balls look like this lol It will make any vanity look gorgeous! Although it’s a quite modern and minimalist fragrance, I cannot help not associating it with winter traditions, cooking home-made gingerbread with my family and friends, drinking hot wine with spices. Mmmm, smells heavenly and delicious and almost a tad too sweet but I went ahead and bought a full bottle anyway. While wearing this scent, I feel cared-for and enveloped in a "don't you worry about anything" kind of love. I find them quite alike in almost everyway but one, a very important one: longevity. Great for the office, or anywhere, as it is non offensive, with moderate silage. The sour salty at the beginning and the warm trully ambery at its heart and base. I will still keep it. If you don't have such problems and want a great perfume for next to nothing, you can't do better. Soon he becomes a floral burly with tuberous, but here are a bit artificial do not know if because of the intervention of most resins, however, is cool, because the sweetness he brings is tolerable transmitting refinement and elegance. It is a little sweet but barely so, a little spicy but only a brief encounter, and the musk is only a subtle undercurrent. I don't think I could make it through this fragrance again. I don't get as many compliments as I should but it's okay. It's pure synthetic amber/powdery/sweet smell. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Doesn't smell creamy on him in the least bit. Die Betreiber dieses Portals haben uns der Aufgabe angenommen, Ware unterschiedlichster Variante zu analysieren, sodass Verbraucher schnell und unkompliziert den Ambre Gris gönnen können, den Sie haben wollen. The dry down is heavenly with a fair amount of sillage and moderate in longevity. It is a really pretty smell though with no old fashioned elements as some ambers can be in possesion of. Verpackung für dieses Produkt kann von der im Bild oben gezeigt variieren. Dark and yummy. It's definitively masculine, bright, strong, a bit sour in a satisfying way. Caldo, bellissima, accogliente e il profumo del bel tempo caduta poco prima che il freddo si regola dentro Pensate caldo autunno d'oro e foglie terrose, con un tocco di tristezza nell'aria. I thought I'd managed to narrow the possibilities down to Samsara and/or Basi Femme, but now I think it might be the eponymous Boucheron. What I don't get much of is amber. And it clicked! Sexiest perfume out there. NOT a good choice for a blind buy, IMO. VERY INTENSE,VERY ATTRACTIVE,CREAMY, BALSAMIC, SOPHISTICATED. I predict that it becomes a modern classic. Just received my bottle and i am sooo happy, i have just spreyed my arm and i just cannot stop smelling it... very unusuall scent but soo familiar and warm at the same time.... i will check the drydown and i'll be back.. There is something so autumnal and cozy about it. I browsed a while and stopped at the Tom Ford counter. But soon enough, the sweet resins and immortelle arrive, and the olfactory landscape of Ambre Gris heads to a more interesting direction. The bottle is very fitting for the lovely juice within. Not once did I wonder where fragrantica gets its lists of notes. I bought a 75ml Ambre Gris bottle online, and it was a blind buy. If you think that Gucci's Envy for Men is a "masculine," this is the unisex version of that scent. This inspires me. It's easy to wear, casual, inexpensive, unoffensive, warm and cozy. I had to think back. Even the bottle looks like cologne for men. have had this sitting in the bathroom for a while and thought, give it a go today, see if this lifts my mood. Du hingegen warst so voller Leben, so voller Energie,... Als ich das erste Mal im Jahr 2012 "Ambre Gris" von Balmain testete war mein Nase noch nicht so geschult. This one is special. I bought this and when it arrived, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it - thought maybe it was too sweet for me? At the same time. It's crazy that this beauty has been discontinued. Ambre Gris is a cool cuddly fragrance. What's the definition of soft? I think I'll have to get a backup bottle. It's probably a bit heavy for summer wear, so thank God I live in a place where summer barely happens! But he smells great, so now we both love it for different reasons. If I didn't know what I was sampling, I would easily tell I'm smelling mens perfume. Mmmm, Mmmm,Mmmnh! out of It seems as if it has two stages. Beautiful and well done! Wow, okay this frag is, well, interesting. ?warm,cinnamon,amber soft lyx smell!!!10/10. Came to Fragrantica to check the notes and based on what I read and generally being a fan of orientals I tried it. My only complaint is that I am a bit chemically sensitive and this is definitely one that causes symptoms. Ambre Gris - Die preiswertesten Ambre Gris im Vergleich Ambre Gris - Der absolute TOP-Favorit der Redaktion Wir begrüßen Sie hier bei uns. Pi lasts forever, Ambre Gris, however, doesn't last a whole morning. Stays strong, but not offensive at all. Beauty Almanac |. Ambre Gris is intimate and warm. The only bummer is that my skin just eats this up, I don't think that will stop me from buying a bottle though, the price is fairly low so I can justify having to reapply more often. It is a fairly subtle skin scent, with the following associations to me, in order of prominence: cool amber, salt, skin, sandalwood, sex, earth, sweet. Well, if fine authentic ambergris smells like this but better, then I finally understand what all the talk is about. I don't care how "synthetic" this is (I ordered it from Amazon for only $35 USD), this is gorgeous! After the first ten minutes or so, what comes through more and more is tonka bean, which the bottle of Ambre Gris I picked up to test in Selfridges listed as one of the heart notes although I see it isn't mentioned on this site. On skin, it's spicy then it becomes a very comforting cuddly thing of warmth. I find it very artificial, and potent at that. Ambre Gris is a very close to the skin scent with a super mellow amber aura. Blind buy that does not seem to reflect the favourable reviews here. The sweet amber slightly reminds me of fire&ice,but this one is so much better. Get it while you can. this fragrance had been recommended to me by several members here when I asked for help with a classic, warm, spicy fragrance. I definitely get the woods, and I agree with Madrona that there is a hint of pencil shavings (which sounds weird, but it SO works here!). Online right now: 2146, Fragrantica in your language: It's plainspoken, there are no surprises and it doesn't take much concentration. This is such a wonderfully warm comfort scent for me. I ordered a blind buy based on the beautiful notes and a classy bottle. 5. Wow, wow, wow! Extreme comfort in a bottle. Take a breathe and enjoy all the smells that surrounds you....Wake up now...cause this is a perfume for Fall! I hate drama and big sillage in perfume but in the same token, I do not like perfumes without any character. It comes in a retro bottle in the shape of cube with a gold spherical top and is … This Balmain is a funny little creature. I know "comparisons are odious" but I do get a feeling of Tocca Colette. A lovely fragrantican sent me a decant of this and I was super excited as I have been dying to try this one. Wir verkaufen keine Imitationen oder immitations. I kept getting wafts of sweet cinnamon with a heady herbal edge, perhaps myrrh? THIS IS MORE A NICHE FRAGRANCE! I truly don't get much in the way of florals here and from what I read from other reviewers, I am not alone in that. Ambre Gris is a soft, powdery scent. Worth trying and worth the cost, I think. Soft and evasive but there is no mistaking you've entered the room with something interesting going on. Sense no sweetness. My first blind buy, I think I paid less than $20 for a new 100 ml tester. I didn't smell the other notes. Unisex fragrance that is closer on the womans side in my opinion. This fragrance is unisexually amazing! I think I prefer Fancy Nights, though similar, on my skin the Balmain has a bit of a playdoh vein running through it on me. Der Duft ist würzig-pudrig. It's a perfect combo and you can't beat the price-wow! BALMAIN AMBRE GRIS von Pierre Balmain für Damen. I took it out just today to try it again and wow it smells more beautiful then when I first acquired it. Ambre Gris is a perfect holiday scent, I catch warm ambery spices even a bit of a nutmeg vibe even though it's not listed. God.. Lasting power is fantastic! This is beautiful. Beautiful. What makes it stand out from other scents, is the salty note from the immortelle and ambergris. It is spicy sweet as others have said. This is the fragrance I've tried and instantly known I wouldn't feel "dressed" without it. Yeah, ladies, it is that good. And it has a vintage feel without that "I'm from another era" and I don't belong here smell. Wir als Seitenbetreiber begrüßen Sie als Kunde auf unserer Seite. Yes, it could be completely new and modern category - my kind of fragrance back then. Reminds me something mediteranian, a plant that has baby-pink flowers, like a little bunch of hair.... Aroma is pleasant and soft, mellow....well, these are my connotations with the AG. Thank you all for your reviews, this one is a gem! Aber... Riecht für mich leider nur nach (maskulinem) Duschgel und sorgt für sofortigen abwaschen-wollen-Reflex! The second time I tried it, I was already in love and I enjoyed even its first stage. I tried to like it, but this is not happening for me. It kind of smells like something somebody sneezed out. It's as if nothing can be amiss while enveloped in its warm and protective embrace. I won't attempt the sophistication other reviewers well-versed in well, how ambergris should smell. This is just another offering from Balmain that is top notch. This scent is such a lovely journey, from the marine, almost masculine opening to the warm cinnamon and benzoin dry down (with the immortelle meandering through beautifully). Beautiful! Wait. A bit medicinal at first but then it's a warm, balmy amber scent with a touch of the other resins. First of all, I am a pepper lover and it loves my skin so I am very pleased. If you enjoy amber with a touch of cinnamon and live in a cooler place where you are experiencing winter this one is ideal. On me it's a sweet amber balsamic powder bomb in the same vein as Prada Amber and Shalimar. It's too early for me to tell if this one projects much but longevity is decent. Quite a few reviews for this fragrance. So easy, still so complex and smelling more expensive than it is. I was gifted a lovely sample from a generous fragrant fairy godmother. A perfume lacking in personality. What a great lovely scent for the upcoming cold weather. It melts with my skin and it is as if my body gives this warm ambery very subtle scent. All I can do is stupidly repeat "wonderful". Will highly recommend it. Ambre Gris - Unser Gewinner . Ansonsten, ja, trockener Puder und helle Blüten, aber was bleibt ist vor allem cremiger Vanillemoschus, mit... Schon viel wurde zu Ambre Gris geschrieben und ich glaube nicht, dass ich dem wirklich noch etwas hinzufügen kann, trotzdem möchte ich diesem Duft einen weiteren Kommentar widmen - einfach, weil er so wunderschön ist. Oh, my. Huge, fluffy, cosy cashmere pullover. But then... oh I'm warming up to it, little by little. EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 3.3 oz / 100 ml Alle Düfte sind 100% Originale von ihrer ursprünglichen Designer. All of Ambre Gris’ ingredients mingle so well that I am finding it hard to identify them, which is actually good. This was a blind buy, based on reviews here. Ich liebte Altbekanntes...es vermittelte mir Sicherheit, eine feste Konstante in meinem Leben. I think I have to come back on this one. Amber Gris is a nice, not too sweet, very soft, very lightly spicy scent. Maybe a little of both? It doesn't run into a room shouting "Hey, everyone, look at me, love me adore me." When I first tried it I absolutely hated it, the saltiness made me feel queasy and I ended up scrubbing. It's that serious. Gradually, it turned smoky releasing beautiful tobacco notes. Ambre Gris ist ein beliebtes Parfum von Balmain für Damen und erschien im Jahr 2008. That’s a nice, smooth composition. I bought this blind based on the reviews and am thrilled to say it did not dissapoint! Plus, you can have this for pennies at the discounters. This has been a constant in my wardrobe for many years.Unique, softly elegant & very feminine.It puts me in mind of a confident, stylish woman who doesn't need to broadcast her arrival.It's also one that benefits from warmth, so for bedtime...but beware! this smells like a mens cologne....... not bad just not what i expected. Das tu ich auch ... immer mal wieder und sogar sehr gerne. After using Ambre Gris a few days it turns a bit male'ish on me. On the other hand, this is more unisex than what most people think. The longevity is good. Not bad a smell, but not something I would wear. Still I'm surprised that there is no gaiac wood in the "official" notes, since I can smell it very clearly. There is a sweetness to this, and the resinous beauty of amber, but there is no fruity wallop to render this into a cloying, attention-whore mess. It lasts and lasts. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger als der Name verspricht, Unwiderstehliche verführerische Weiblichkeit, Dezente Pastellfarben auf violettem Grund. For me, it's perfect. It's a twinkie instead of shortcake. It was worth searching. Coz in every topic "Recommend Me An Amber Fragrance" first of all people would suggest Ambre Gris as such. Balmain - Ambre Gris Mystisch. I do get a very slight hint of tuberose, but I wouldn't describe this scent as floral. I remember smelling it for the first time in summer time and turning my nose away. Eau d'Amazonie. This is a very unique fragrance...at least it's like nothing I've ever smelled. Complex, but not heavy. I really like it in the opening, but way down it becomes very buttery, a bit salty and a wee bit animalic. Crazy. A rather dry-ish, very lightly spicy/peppery opening. For autumn, winter warm and cozy. Zu den Parfumklassikern des Modehauses zählen Miss Balmain, Jolie Madame, Vent Vert und Monsieur Balmain. (Did I really smell the same thing?!). I think this would be very comforting in winter, but I also wore it today (80 degrees) and didn't find it inappropriate at all. Die Haltbarkeit ist überdurchschnittlich. Think warm golden fall and earthy leaves with a touch of sadness in the air. Soft, subtle, sophisticated --- this scent is the opposite of most current fragrances for women. I went out on a whim and wore this to work. There is something subtly seductive about Balmain Ambre Gris. I agree a lot with Mellyhelly, something from my favourite Cartier Must, but this is easier to wear in the office :o) I even like it more after 4-5 hours, it leaves a creamy balmy "tail" that I also feel from the clothes the next day, but not the first hours. I recall the 70's were very animalistic .. Drydown is really annoying me and therefore it goes to the dislike shelf. For me a blind buy, based on some descriptions and reviews which guaranteed I'd fall in love, and it was at a bargain price for this quality, though I have to admit I normally don't spend a lot, I find and make very good deals. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. I love it! This scent is to me like a swirl of the finest perfumes I smell at the opera, as everyone settles into their seats. Parfumo ist der Treffpunkt für alle Parfumbegeisterten.Entdecke Parfum für Frauen und Männer, organisiere deine Sammlung, tausche dich aus und vieles mehr! Is Balmain Ambre Gris an amber or ambergris fragrance? Mich umfing eine weiche Rauchnote - so nervenberuhigend wie die abendliche " Betthupferl " Zigarette. Let me first start by saying my initial impression before the spray hit my skin was oh God I made a big mistake. Bought this as a blind buy due to my newly discovered love for Balmain perfumes. A hard to describe powdery, lightly sweet, and lightly salty perfume. Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, Produktpaletten verschiedenster Variante zu testen, dass die Verbraucher unkompliziert den Ambre Gris kaufen können, den Sie haben wollen. I swear my father wore something like this in the 70's .. We also lived by the ocean so perhaps there is also an association there .. I like it a lot, but I think I prefer my ambers little more fresh and flowery. The overture is beginning and the diva is behind the curtain, ready to dazzle us. 4.12 As a major amber enthusiast who also loves cinnamon and immortelle, I truly expected I would enjoy this. I didn't recognise any of the notes, although in all fairness I'm not great at picking out notes anyway. This is simply heaven in a bottle. Me gusta mucho la salida, tiene tanta mirra como esperaba, que es por lo que compré este perfume. I'm not sure which of the components was the culprit, but whatever it was did not like my skin chemistry at all. Ambre Gris - Der absolute Gewinner unserer Produkttester. I didn't know what to expect reading all the different reviews and descriptions. Die Erinnerung, die Ambre Gris in diesem Moment ganz unvermittelt evoziert, beamt... Vielleicht bin ich gestört, aber eine komische Duschgelnote, hält sich bis zum Schluß. But it does NOT have an amber note. I liked the sweetness I was hit with in the first 10 minutes, but after that, it turned on me and became cheap and buttery, smelling like hundreds of other very common fragrances. This is definitely a oriental for beginners. Pierre Balmain and the olfactory adventures as usual. I just got myself another 75ml bottle. I don't know what immortelle should smell like, I suppose it is that what I get in the middle notes and maybe a hint of tuberose too. It is amazing warm, elegant, sexy, extremely long lasting. I only put on two sprays, and 9 hours later I still feel like I am choking on the fumes b/c of how strong it is. Today, after a blind order (which I made because of the beautiful notes listed here), Ambre Gris has come, and I almost couldn't believe how similar those two are. It is a scent that hides in you of its opening to his farewell, but at the same time hiding it reveals a remarkable lasting power, is a joint Cinnamon and sequinha wood with resinosidade Myrrh and Benzoin of spicy and hot apaixonantemente divine form; here is the "cat leap" this fragrance, so I get it the fragrance containing notes aromatize the resin content, they behave intimate and explosive form on the skin, alternating between these two phases to volatizarem altogether, and Ambre Gris that is quite evident! Very oriental fragrance, warm and comforting, but not overwhelming as many orient ones. Cozy. Great cinnamony spice is what I got, and a creamy almost bitter chocoate-y base. Wonderful musky earthiness, definitely able to be worn by either gender. Please Balmain - DON'T DISCONTINUE!!!!!! Here comes lots of warm spices and sweet/warm pink pepper. LOTS of it. And then along comes this gorgeous thing which I ordered only because I wanted to try a fragrance with ambergris as a note and quite frankly I could not find that many. But I've been using it so often lately, that it almost feels like having a signature fragrance. Almost like an EXPENSIVE incense lit and smoldering soft and slow. Very unisex fragrance. I absolutely love it. Lasted all work day on me. This is a "snuggle fragrance". Unsere Redakteure haben uns der Kernaufgabe angenommen, Produktpaletten jeder Art auf Herz und Nieren zu überprüfen, damit Käufer einfach den Ambre Gris finden können, den … She sprayed the vents in the car. While there is a beauty to this scent,I love amber scents,I would most certainly describe it as a skin scent.Perhaps it is my chemistry,but it has no silage whatsoever...sadly I have to sniff my wrists quite hard to get anything which disappointed me. Great for summer especially. The amber, tuberose and myrrh blend together so well that it will take you back to a beautiful fall afternoon. The Amber, that stout bottle with the awesome gold golf ball cap. Thanks for helping me with the blind buy, Fragrantica! Balmain Homme. Völlig unaufgeregt, aber tiefgründig. Just not for me. I envisioned it being a bit warmer based on the notes, but the pink pepper opening is light and almost fresh! Quite possibly the most boring perfume in existance. Feminine instead. The juice is phenomenal! Or any other notes. A scent for a grown-up girl. Yack! You work with what you've got. It does remind me of something I can't put my finger on. This is your typical amber with all of the department store bells and whistles. Amber is in Ambre Sultan for example, Ambre Fetiche of Goutal. Safely unisex and I thought even somewhat feminine, at times. I had no idea what it would smell like, but it is a damp fall morning and I have a spice colored soft suede jacket on, and it just seemed like an amber scent would be a good choice. I couldn't resist because it's wintery, Christmasy, woodsy and amber. Warm, sophisticated, spicy scent with well-blended notes. You may want to grab another bottle. I have a 3.3 oz bottle and I also have a backup bottle. But instead of incense it's amber. Nice bottle though. This scent makes me imagine I am a black top model or Halle Berry, or even Iman …I find it very, very, elegant & exotic. Fragrance Reviews: 1000511 This one is actually weird. I heard someone describe it as incredibly sexy and like a warm cashmere sweater, and I was sold. Highly recommended. The scent was fine for the first hour, and actually the first few minutes really reminded me of Addict and were nice, but then the sweet, musky, balmy, powdery amber just completely overwhelmed me. I absolutely love this....the initial smell is a strong amber and then it settles into a warm, sensual scent which makes me feel sexy and confident. 12 sprays and I can barely smell it. This is the most bizarrely beautiful creamy musky skin scent I've ever smelled. The top notes of this scent are intoxicating and yet slightly medicinal. I didn't really like it and I certainly would not have purchased it if I just tested it on paper. I love wearing Ambre Gris all the time. It's a classic beauty and my new go-to. That sweetness + vanilla/spice + SALT is something I can't decide if I'm grossed out by or want more of. There is a gourmand-caramel note, slight but detectable, but it remains more of a spicy-dry-powder than anything, and, while feminine, could certain be worn by a man. Very unique, seductive, sweet, but classy (not pink). On paper, it is just pure spice central and that never dies down. Resinous, still slightly savoury. Drys down powdery, soft and sexy on the skin. I though it was salty, masculine and weird! Although the bottle is austere – and I LOOOVE IT- you can’t guess the festive perfume inside. This is one of my favorites and one of the strong holy grail contenders in my collection. Very nice spice that mellows out as the day goes on leaving this wonderful scent trail that everyone loves. This fragrance is indescribably beautiful, and I would liken it to the most creamy, elegant silk that has ever rested against my hide. It is very comforting for me, it reminds me of how your young child smells after having a bath and she snuggles next to you waiting for you to read her a bedtime story; it has that touch of realness and beauty to it. I have been hoping to find a fragrance like this (warm, quiet, amber, sweet, cozy). Mmmm. Surely some of the fascination with ambergris stems from the preposterous fact that it is sperm whale bile secretions used to coat giant squid beaks and passed in their feces (probably not in vomit, as is often stated) that has floated in the ocean for 20 years and looks like a rock, but it would appear that some of the fascination is indeed the scent. "What is that gorgeous fragrance.?" Pleasant but thats about it. I, this perfume is beautiful and is very much similar to prada l"eau ambree...it has no sillage ...its beautiful in warm weather...i wish it stayed longer or maybe thats the beauty of it that u never get enough of it...thanku dina for your suggestion to smell this beauty. Very mildly ambery, spicey, slightly sweet and musky marine salty skin scent on me. It feels like the far drydown of many an amber fragrance. This scent is a masterpiece! Wir verkaufen keine Imitationen oder immitations. Its very oriental and dark. !! Es ist einer dieser ersten Morgen, an denen melancholische Gemüter einen ersten Hauch von Herbst in der Luft zu erspüren vermeinen. In the end, he becomes a woody, but without losing femininity because of the musk that sensualizes stop and it gets a spectacular amber colored, and resins continue the fund, sweetening and making the dense fragrance, is an amalgamation of endnotes and sometimes the notes means they are making their farewell track a mess a la Pierre Balmain, you know, such a beautiful blurring that makes us need to use more than 50 times to know it will because like it or no! Please have a sniff of it first before buying it (if possible) or else you might wind up disappointed! I learned that I love balsamic scents, actually if I read about a fragrance that it is balsamic I know now automatically that I am going to find it beautiful and captivating. A very comforting, calming and well-blended perfume. Imagine you are sitting on the sand gazing at the purple sunset over the sea, and your unwashed salted body is hydrated with a sweet ambery-vanilla body lotion. I was traumatized. Herren Damen Unisex 1. Even my husband loves it, so I would definitely say this could be unisex. Must be weared definitely in a special ocassion with some very elegant clothes. I was pleasantly surprised because I was wondering how the unisex ability would end up on my female skin, but it works nicely. I love the bottle. This is a great option for those who want a warm and oriental fragrance without reaching for something that has a lot of vanilla. Ébène de Balmain Après-Rasage. It seems very feminine and definitely not a fragrance for my fella.

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