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minolta x500 ou x700

I think someone else mentioned to get the MD lenses to be sure you can use the Program mode in the 500 and 700 and XD's too. Vendu à 59 € Moteur minolta : motor drive 1 compatible avec les minolta x700. Click & Collect. I personally own both the XD7 and the X700, and both are great cameras. (permalink), Doesn't it? web.archive.org/web/20070312081005/members.aol.com/manual... www.cameraleather.com/colors/cobalt_kid.htm. 98 months ago 40 months ago Super je ne savais pas qu'il existait avec cette ouverture, je l'avais trouver en F2.8 en 2 modèles un avec baque mise au point caoutchouc et l'autre en métal. Minolta 35-70mm F3.5 MD Zoom £150.00. 96 months ago It's the lens I usually reach for for its versatility and it is as sharp as the primes in my opinion. speed, minimum aperture and Shutter priority mode (all green). Message Mar 25 Juin 2019 07:12, #2 37 months ago 100 months ago So, I bought a Minolta Dynax 300si from eBay. aperture versions also made by Minolta. Super simple procedure and the camera is working great now in the hands of a friend of mine. These cameras are extremely reliable if you have a good one so spending a little more if you can is worth it. 99 months ago I also had him refurbish an XD for me. But several of you seem to like them. I'm reluctant to use it as it's... irreplaceable! : Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de minolta x700. At the moment my favourite is the X500 because it's easier to use but the XE's growing on me because it's an ironclad like my trusty SRTs its disadvantage is the dimmer viewfinder. I have several of both and could go either way. Difference in use is not really important IMO, except that the XD7 is more silent. (permalink), The X700s made in China (later versions, with Made in China imprinted on the bottom) were allegedly less reliable and X700s with serial numbers greater than 2,700,000 were allegedly more liable to have the capacitor issue (which is an inexpensive repair though). X500 sans hésiter, c'est le plus récent et le plus fiable des trois. By reputation,I would agree,as I only have the X-700 sadly - BUT there are two problems re the XD - 7 I would say,rarity and price! Please don`t think I`m decrying manual Minolta SLRs,for I would not have two if I thought there was something amiss with them-and lets face it,Minolta did pioneer many advances in SLR design. 99 months ago Can't comment on the XD7 which I have never used, however, I have 2 X-700's and am very happy with them. Aux USA, il est le Minolta XD11 et au Japon, il s’appelle Minolta XD. I am not familiar (yet) with Minolta film cameras. The X-700 for sure. Honestly, i have an XD-11 (same as XD-7) and have had a few X-700 cameras, but would choose neither. Hello all! All good and nice. (permalink) I use products by all three-Nikon,Canon and Minolta-including a nice Minolta dedicated 35mm film scanner. But the X-570 viewfinder readout is more useful in fully manual exposure mode than is the viewfinder in the X-700. It really feels and functions perfect! Grooved Ware People edited this topic 100 months ago. Ce sont ceux que j'utilise. La maladie des X c'est le condenseur dans la semelle qui bloque l'armement mais cela se réparer facilement, il y plein de tutos sur le net. ... ). As usual, the light seals might need replacement. Le double automatisme du XD 7 est le seul avantage de ce boitier, la mesure de l'exposition est un peu moins fiable que sur le X500. The XD (or XD7, same camera) is absolutely awesome. 40 months ago Originally posted 30 months ago. aussi pour x500. settings to avoid maybe,when using the lens! sauveur.13. (permalink), This is one of the threads I shouldn't read! Looks like new, I got it with the best flash Minolta made at the time and a bunch of lenses also in "like new" condition. Thirdly, it has one mechanical shutter speed (1/100) in case you run out of battery (saved me twice). Les boitiers et objectifs Minolta/Sony et l'actualité photo, Sony A5000 - Minolta X500 - Minolta D500si, OMD EM1 II et X, 12-100mm, 40-150 2,8, 300mm, TC1,4, 60macro, 75 f1,8, 25mm f1,8, La gloire est le soleil des morts, merci Balzac, > Concours Novembre 2020 : Lumieres dans la Ville - votes en cours <, Retour à l'argentique avec Minolta X500 ou Xd7 ou SRT303, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Salvador ... e=bookmark, http://minolta.eazypix.de/lenses/index.html, Questions techniques de prise de vue vidéo, Boîtiers Monture A - Translucent - ILCA/SLT, Boîtiers compacts ou à objectif non interchangeable, Les accessoires et matériel pour DxD & Alpha. I'm keeping both, you've convinced me. Créer un panoramique fabuleux à partir d'un simple compact. convient aussi pour x500. 100 months ago what minolta cameras and lenses do you use. Can't say much about this one, I still have to figure out how to see if the viewfinder focus and film focus point are the same or if I need to adjust the mirror (and if I do, should I take the camera apart or just work on the mirror stopper in the mirror box? (permalink) (permalink), I shot regularly with Minolta film cameras in the late 1980's and 1990's. I think you can enjoy the nice built camera. (permalink) D'autres vendeurs opèrent sur Ebay. So I went out and got me a rather minty condition xd7. (permalink). The XD7 was the more expensive one. Search this Thread: 10-31-2020, 06:09 AM #1: Astro-Baby. Maybe we're both very lucky then... Great to see that there are that many fans!! Acheter minolta x500 d'occasion. Il y aussi le XG-M qui est très costaud. (permalink), I have both the regular and macro versions and they are great lenses. Most nikons (or canon) are being bought by people who ask others "what camera should i buy". Secondly, the shutter is a vertically-travelling Seiko, made of metal. Maybe you need a bit of patience to get one cheap. Vendeur fiable; Livraison rapide; Retours simples; En savoir plus Top Fiabilité Plus. The X-500 (or X-570) does have a different viewfinder display and the flash program works a little differently too, which some may use more then me. What I can say is this: they're all good cameras, depending on your needs you might prefer one or the other. But actually doesn't! 99 months ago Dave L2013 edited this topic 99 months ago. (permalink) The XD7 has the great Leica/Minolta/Copal metal shutter. (permalink). If you want a black body, the X700 will be the cheaper purchase. I have both an XD-7 and an XD-5 and my sister owns a XD-7, we're very happy with them. I happen to own some MD/SR lenses, but I don't have a body. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. 40 months ago I need to know how to change & use f... Hi everybody ! See www.rokkorfiles.com/Cameras.html. However in this case one can doubt if the X-500 is really a simpler model. This is where the XE-7 comes in: It has the same body/frame and CLC metering of the SRT Series cameras and the same shutter/winding as the XD Series - the BEST of my two favorite 35mm cameras. Does this one need any specific flashes, or will anything do? 40 months ago No worries, neonman100. The srT303 I found is great BUT has dirt flying around the viewfinder that gets stuck to the meter needle (haven't got the time to open it and clean it, I just bang it with my hand :P). I've fixed a couple of my Minolta X-3... Hello everyone, I posted this in a few groups hoping to up my chances of a reply... there seem to be a lot of digital phtotos in this group. I thus much prefer the match needle system on some,but sadly not all, Nikons. neonman100 edited this topic 99 months ago. The former lacks "Program" mode, but I don't use that anyway, and (more unfortunately) it lacks the EV compensation adjustment. :-) Dave L2013 edited this topic 99 months ago. (permalink) Message Mar 25 Juin 2019 07:42, #3 96 months ago The one that's for sale comes without flash, but it has a data back! (permalink) (permalink), OK, got my XD 11 (with Autowinder D) out and am going to use it this week with some fuji 200. As for the flash for the XD, another vote for the 320X since you don't need the TTL metering and it is cheaper than the 360PX. They do turn up from time to time, often as part of a camera / lens combo. I do have some Dynax AF bodies and lenses. The only Minolta manual focus camera I still own is one of my SRTs. Minolta X-500. Vendu à 59 € Moteur minolta : motor drive 1 compatible avec les minolta x700. (well, almost that is!) XE's are similar to the XK pro cameras without the interchangeable viewfinders (and a couple of other small changes). Retours gratuits. I hope I'll get over the fact that this is not something I can buy easily, I really hate to buy a camera and leave it at home cause I'm afraid to ruin it ;) £6.50 postage. (permalink), I got to play with a Leica R-6 one time in a store (If I only had the money), and hearing how those cameras were based on Minolta MD series camera bodies, I started looking at an XD-11. That's more expensive than other X-700's on offer on ebay, but at least you can be assured that the one he sells you will work (I've bought two from him). The first version was made together with Leitz and made for Leica R too. (permalink), jean-jacquesplancton: :D :D It`s okay to say an XD 7 is a fine camera,and I should use one-but you try finding one in VGC(-I did, with no luck at the time),and even then,there is that risk that if it developed a fault - would it be easy or economically worth repairing? ; srT303: srTs are OLD. at approx. Get the 360px flash, a diffuser and a 50mm and you will be SET for flash photography at bars, picnics, bonfires, parties, etc Look for a body wit the lens on it and you get one for € 25 - € 30, a real bargain IMO. De la boutique HandCrafterJunior. Sold as the X-500 in Europe and Asia, and the X-570 in the US market, it never gained the popularity of the X-700 and is still under-rated by many. (permalink), I googled "XD7 or X700" and arrived here, I was thinking of selling one of my my black, near mint Minolta's and couldn't decide which. et fonctionnel. Minolta motor drive pour x700 - x500 - x300 - x370. (permalink), Mudplugga: BTW since I posted my original comment, the prices of both cameras are up about 50% in my experience. Changement des mousses d'un Minolta X-500, valable aussi pour les modèles XG-M, X-300 et X-700. The XD7 is the best built and has a nicer sounding shutter. When I get one, I usually get the other too! Didn't want to say it the first time, but my favorite is also the XE-7. "You should get a nikon (or canon), they are the best!!" There is an f stop tab that tells the camera that the apeature is stopped all the way down. 40 months ago Originally posted 100 months ago. Catégories. I don't think its meter still works, but the shutter and transport are really excellent. It's so... velvety! le x300 est bien pour débuter. My X-700 fitted with a motor drive and the lens I mentioned,should provide a neat You select 125 exp. Minolta X500 Headaches... PF Black Friday Donation Special Now Live | Win a Pentax K-70 - Enter our raffle daily in November! Has no issue I can find, just the usual light seals in need of replacement and shrinking leatherette which I'm gonna replace with some fancy new one (www.cameraleather.com/colors/cobalt_kid.htm). As others have said, if you are into flash (or macro with flash) the 700 is absolutely the way to go. Dernière édition par Nuss996 le Mar 25 Juin 2019 08:58, édité 1 fois. Performance is so close to a prime that you won't pick the difference in a handheld shot unless you are being super critical. If i were buying a 35mm camera i would choose an XE-7 without a second thought. (permalink). (permalink), With reference to the X-700 and it`s lenses,Have any members used this lens? Minolta dynax shoulder strap original . I have two X700s I bought used 5 years ago that were from the early 1980s that I got cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted (CLA'd) and have had no problems at all. Message Mar 02 Juil 2019 09:38, Utilisateurs parcourant ce forum : Aucun utilisateur inscrit et 0 invité. 99 months ago laissé pour 59 €. Which one is recommended, and why? neonman100 edited this topic 99 months ago.

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